About Us

Campus Tutoring Service was founded with one mission in mind: to provide high quality tutoring in an inviting atmosphere but do so at an affordable rate so most students can access the help they need. There are four keys that help us accomplish this mission.

First: We have a superior staff; they are a mix of full-time personnel (that already hold one or more college degrees), graduate students, and undergraduates hand-picked from select honors programs and/or recommended by relevant IU instructors.

Second: Our staff members know the courses they teach, not just the material in a general sense. Why is this important? Any college course is a subset of topics. Being an “expert” in a field alone doesn’t cut it. In the past, we have opted not to hire former city controllers, wall street money managers, and CPA’s who applied because they lacked the course familiarity they needed to succeed as a tutor. If you hire a CTS tutor, they will know your course and all of its quirks.

Third: We don’t just know the material, we can explain it. During the interview process, we focus highly on the presentation skills of the prospective tutor. Simply knowing the material isn’t good enough; if a person struggles mightily to explain it to another person, they make a poor tutor.

Fourth: We provide an atmosphere conducive to learning. At CTS, we have a top notch space which includes inviting, quiet rooms fully equipped with chalkboards, Ethernet, and (most importantly) privacy. Please check out our gallery to see images of our facility.