About Us

Campus Tutoring Service has been proudly serving students at IU since 2010. Our goal is to provide high quality tutoring in safe, quiet, and comfortable environment, and to provide this help at a reasonable price. We consider ourselves unique in Bloomington, and there are a number of things that distinguish us from the other “services” in Bloomington. 

Firstly, we maintain a safe, clean, and quiet facility at which sessions take place. We are the ONLY tutoring service in Bloomington that provides a physical location where sessions occur. We believe it simply isn’t possible to get quality work done in a public lounge, the library, or a Starbucks (there are just too many distractions at these places!). Every one-on-one session at CTS has the tutor in a private room with the student. Each of these rooms has a PC (critical for Kelley classes), chalkboard, and most importantly privacy. For the duration of the session, there will be NO interruptions or distractions.

Secondly, we have a superior staff; they are a mix of full time personnel (that already hold one or more college degrees), graduate students, and undergraduates hand picked from select honors programs and/or recommended by relevant IU instructors. These staff members are familiar with the curriculum and structure of the courses they teach, not just the material in a general sense. We have opted not to hire former city controllers, wall street money managers, and CPAs due to their lack of familiarity with the IU curriculum. 

Finally, our tutors don’t just know the material, they can explain it. During the interview process, we focus highly on presentation skills and personability. We want our staff to make a connection with the students they serve such that they leave with understanding, not just answers.