Summer 2021 notes

*CTS will be open during the summer with Virtual Sessions available for many of the courses we assist with during the year. We will be offering a virtual version of the “B or Better Program” for MATH-M118 and MATH-M119, however the website cannot be configured to accept registrations until Friday, May 7th.

*If you have any questions about summer session tutoring, you should speak with Bill (our director). Please call 812-340-6708 to leave a voicemail message and a callback number. Bill will return messages in the order they are received. If you prefer email, Bill can be reached at

COVID protocols for in-person sessions during the summer:

(1) Mask wearing will be mandatory for students doing in-person sessions at CTS. While this is a nuisance, it is necessary to minimize the likelihood of infection for staff and students alike. Additionally, temperature checks will be conducted on students as they arrive.

(2) Students and tutors will be separated by a minimum of 6.5 feet (most of the time the distance is closer to 8 or 9 feet).

(3) Normal waiting room procedures will be altered to reflect proper social distancing protocols, and students will not be allowed to check in for their appointments more than 10 minutes in advance.