Upcoming Exam Reviews

*Exam Reviews for ECON-B251 will be available for students with Professors Graf and Sanders. Students in other sections are advised to continue with one-on-one sessions.

*We will be offering Exam Reviews for some sections of ECON-B251, STAT-S301, BUS-A100, and BUS-F370 this semester as well. Details on dates on time will be posted as they become available.

*Our facility has been configured to meet social distancing requirements, and masks will be required for staff and students.

*CTS has added Needlepoint Bipolar Ionization to our HVAC system. This exciting technology is being rapidly adopted across the country and is on the cutting edge of improving indoor air quality. This same technology has been adopted from locations varied as Mile High Stadium (in Denver), The Staples Center (in Los Angeles), the Indiana Welcome Center (in northwest Indiana), and Carnegie-Mellon University. 

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