B or Better Program Grade Based Compensation

Grade-based compensation can occur when a student registers before the semester begins and meets the five criteria below but finishes the semester with a course grade of B- or lower. 

(1) The student misses no more than two “Group Sessions” during the instructional weeks and has no more than one unexcused absence in any calendar month.

(2) The student doesn’t miss any of the exam reviews prior to in class exams, the midterm exam, and the final exam.

(3) The student completes 16 on-time grade submissions. These must be sent on Wednesdays between 12:00am and 11:59pm. Submissions must be sent to Bill, the program administrator. The time stamp on the email will be the sole determinant of when emails are sent.

(4) The student completes the course with an overall WebWork grade of 90% or higher. The overwhelming majority of WebWork questions offer unlimited attempts, and there are a multitude of resources available to get help when needed including, but not limited to, our WebWork Help Videos and the free on-campus Academic Support Centers.

(5) The student signs the “Phone-Free Pledge”, requiring the student to not to utilize their phones or smartwatches for any reason during ANY required session.

Here are the refund amounts such students will receive:

Final Grade is B- : student receives $100

Final Grade is C+ : student receives $200

Final Grade is C or below : student receives $300

If a student is eligible for grade-based compensation, they must submit a refund request no more than 14 days after the final exam in their course. Refunds will be made to the method of payment.