B or Better Program Grade Based Compensation

Grade-based compensation can occur when an Early Registrant successfully completes the program but finishes the semester with a course grade of B- or lower (standard registrants are not eligible for any grade-based compensation). To be eligible for grade-based compensation, the Early Registrant must:

  • Miss no more than two group lessons during the instructional weeks and have no more than one absence in any calendar month.
  • Not miss any of the exam reviews prior to in class exams, the midterm exam, and the final exam.
  • Complete 16 on-time grade submissions. These must be sent on Wednesdays between 12:00am and 11:59pm. Submissions must be sent to Bill, the program administrator. The time stamp on the email will be the sole determinant of when emails are sent.
  • Complete the course with an overall WebWork grade of 90% or higher. The overwhelming majority of WebWork questions offer unlimited attempts, and there are a multitude of resources available to get help when needed including, but not limited to, our WebWork Help Videos and the free on-campus Academic Support Centers.
  • Sign the “Phone-Free Pledge”, requiring the student to not to utilize their phones for any reason during the instructional lessons.

Early Registrants that complete these criteria but finish the semester with a grade of B- or lower are eligible for the following grade-based compensation amounts:

Final Grade is B- : student receives $100

Final Grade is C+ : student receives $175

Final Grade is C  : student receives $250

Final Grade is C- : student receives $325

Final Grade is D+ : student receives $400

Final Grade is D or below: student receives $475  


If a student is eligible for grade-based compensation, they must submit a refund request no more than 14 days after the final exam in their course. Refunds will be made to the method of payment.