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The B or Better Program (Spring 2022)

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    This one-time payment covers the registration fee of $50.00. Weekly installment charges of $40 weekly (beginning Monday, January 10th) will be made to this method of payment.

    The first installment of $50 is charged now and is non-refundable, even if the student withdraws from the course. Weekly payments of $40 will be made on each of the following dates in 2022: January 10th, January 17th, January 24th, January 31st, February 7th, February 14th, February 21st, February 28th, March 7th, March 21st, March 28th, April 4th, April 11th, April 18th, April 25th, and May 2nd. Each of the $40 payments will be eligible for grade based compensation to standard registrants upon successful completion of the program.

    The deadline to register as a Standard Registrant is Sunday, January 9th , 2022 at 11:59pm. Any student who registers after that time is considered a Late Registrant. Late Registrants are NOT eligible for grade-based compensation.


    Attendance and participation are critical parts of the B or Better Program. During each "instructional week" (beginning with the first week of the semester) students must fully attend two (2) "Group Sessions"; the first is typically Monday or Tuesday and the second is typically Wednesday or Thursday. The upcoming syllabus for these sessions can be viewed by clicking the "View Schedule" icon on the "Group Session" signup page. Attendance will be taken each day and students will need to sign in when they arrive. In the event of a dispute involving attendance, the sign in sheets will exclusively be used to determine whether a student was absent or present. Students are permitted no more than two (2) unexcused absences for the “Group Sessions” between Monday, January 10th and Friday, April 29th. Students also must not accrue more than one "Group Session" absence in any calendar month. During "exam weeks", students must fully attend all available Exam Review Sessions. Students are not permitted any absences for these sessions. Excused absences for reasons of health, family emergencies, or acts of God will be permitted assuming appropriate documentation is submitted for the absence.

    Participants must maintain an average of 90% or higher on their "WebWorK" homework. To assist students in achieving this grade, a series of supplemental videos will be sent each week. These supplemental videos demonstrate solutions to many of the more difficult WebWork problems you will see this semester. You are REQUIRED to watch these videos to be eligible for grade based compensation. Trackers imbedded within the videos will determine if and when the videos were watched. Failure to watch the supplementary videos will result in a loss of any grade based compensation for students that finish the semester with a grade lower than "B".

    Each Wednesday, students must complete a "Grade Submission" via email. This email should include one screenshot of the WebWork gradebook and one screenshot of the Canvas gradebook. Email must be sent to Grade submissions sent to any other email address will NOT be deemed valid. Participants must have 15 on-time grade submissions to successfully complete the program (and thus be eligible for grade based compensation). For students with perfect attendance, each late or incomplete grade submission will only reduce the refund amount by 10%; for example, a student that has perfect attendance but has 5 incomplete or late grade submissions can still get a refund but will see their refund amount reduced by 50%. Likewise, a student that has perfect attendance but has 10 late or incomplete grade submissions would no longer be entitled to any grade based compensation.

    Cell phones (including smartphones), laptops, and tablet devices may not be used AT ALL by students during tutoring sessions. These tutoring sessions do not work by osmosis, and students must be paying attention (not texting or using social media) for this program to work! Students who use such devices at all during the semester forfeit any right to grade based compensation. Parents are strongly encouraged to utilize a service that allows them to track usage of data and text messaging by the hour (using this valuable service, you can truly see how much phone activity is happening for every hour of the day). Parents that do not utilize this type of tracking forgo any opportunity to dispute claims of technology usage by CTS.

    Notification will be sent to the STUDENT after any unexcused absences. If, upon receipt of such notification, the student wishes to contest the absence, the student must email within 48 hours of the absence notification. The official record for any session will be the SIGN IN SHEET at CTS. If a student fails to sign in for any session, it will be recorded as an absence.

    Any Standard Registrant who has "Successfully Completed" the program by meeting the four (4) requirements are entitled to grade based compensation (according to the schedule below) in the unlikely event their final course grade is lower than a B.
    Grade of B- = 10%
    Grade of C+ = 20%
    Grade of C = 30%
    Grade of C- = 40%
    Grade of D+ = 50%
    Grade of D = 60%
    Grade of D- or F = 80%

    Refunds are given to the credit card used to pay for the sessions.

    Students requesting a refund after the semester has ended must make their requests VIA EMAIL no later than Monday, May 16th, 2022. Email must be sent to and contain a screenshot or photograph of the final course grade. If such a request is made, CTS reserves the right to confirm the grade via an official grade report.

    To withdraw from the program, the participant must send email to stating they are withdrawing from the program. Withdrawal CAN NOT be done via the phone, or by "telling someone" at CTS that they are dropping the class. If a student drops the class but does NOT withdraw from the program, payments WILL continue as scheduled until email notification of program withdrawal is received. Early withdrawal will result in forfeiture of any and all prepaid money, regardless of whether the student is a standard registrant or a late registrant. Excused withdrawal for reasons of health, family emergencies, or acts of God may be granted by the Director assuming appropriate documentation is submitted. Withdrawal due to poor academic performance will not result in any compensation.

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