The B or Better Program for MATH-M135 (Ivy Tech Finite Math)

The “B or Better Program” is an exclusive program designed to help students succeed in MATH-M 135 (Finite Math) taken through Ivy Tech’s “Ivy Online” program. This program is tailored to the “all online” version of the class, so students enrolled in an in-person version of the class should consider one-on-one tutoring (and not this program).

During the summertime, all the materials will be delivered virtually and asynchronously. Our program is designed to work “in-tandem” with the class, simplifying and fully explaining the concepts needed to succeed via a series of videos. Students will receive instructional video files that explain most homework problems,  quiz problems, and exam review problem they will see in the class. Additionally, we will provide a supplemental midterm review and final review to ensure success on these two critical exams (these two tests typically are 60% of the overall course grade).

We are very confident that participation in this program will lead to success such that the credit earned in the class will transfer to IU. If a student enrolls in the program on or before the first Sunday of the 8-week term, watches the required videos, and does NOT get a final grade that transfers to IU, we will give the student a FULL REFUND. 

If you have any questions about the program, please email our Director (Bill). His email address is bill at (please use the @ symbol – we are formatting his email address this way to avoid having him get spammed by bots!).

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