The B or Better Program

The “B or Better Program” is our signature (and exclusive) program designed to help students succeed in MATH-M 118 (Finite Math) and MATH-M 119 (A Brief Survey of Calculus). Here is a short description of how the program will work for Summer 2021:

All sessions will occur virtually. Students will receive our usual lecture videos and exam review videos as they cover the sections in their on-campus class. We will utilize videos recorded during the Fall 2020 and Spring 2021 so students can see what “in-person” questions were asked by program participants at that time. These asynchronous videos were very successful during the school year and we had NO students who completed the four requirements of the program end up with lower than a B in either class.  

If a student registers before Sunday, May 16th and completes the three components of the program mentioned below but fails to get a final course grade of “B” or higher, refunds will be given based on their final course grade:

  • B-      10% 
  • C+    20%
  • C       30%
  • C-     40%
  • D+    50%
  • D       60%
  • D- or F  80%

To be clear, to be eligible for grade-based compensation, the student must:

(1)  Register prior to 11:59pm on Sunday, May 16th. Note – we STRONGLY encourage registration earlier rather than later as classes in the summer move VERY QUICKLY.

(2) have perfect attendance, meaning the student watches all the video group lessons and exam reviews.

(3) Submit grades via email to Bill each TUESDAY. 

If you have any questions, please call 812-340-6708. The voicemail you reach will give an email address for Bill who oversees this program. We used to put his email address on this page, however over the last 6 months a series of internet “BOTS” began spamming him to the point where he had to change his email address! Sorry for the inconvenience this may process may cause.


Click here to Register for the Summer 2021 B or Better Program