The B or Better Program

The “B or Better Program” is an exclusive program designed to help students succeed in MATH-M 118 (Finite Math) and MATH-M 119 (A Brief Survey of Calculus). Here is a short description of how the program works:

  • During instructional weeks, students attend two 45-minute lessons in-person. Lesson 1 is offered on Monday and Tuesday, and Lesson 2 is offered on Wednesday and Thursday. To be clear, students attend ONE lesson on either Monday or Tuesday and ONE lesson on either Wednesday or Thursday. These lessons are taught in our “Group Sessions”.  Here are the times students can attend these “Group Sessions”:

         For Finite Math: Groups occur Monday and Wednesday at 10:25am, 1:50pm, and 4:15pm and Tuesday and Thursday at 11:35am and 3:05pm

         For Brief Survey of Calculus: Groups occur Monday and Wednesday 11:35am and 3:05pm, and Tuesday and Thursday at 10:25am, 1:50pm, and 4:15pm

  • Supplementing each in-person lesson, students receive a video lesson demonstrating how the strategies we taught in our groups apply to WebWork (this is the online homework IU assigns to students). To be clear, there is NOT additional homework that WE assign to program participants!
  • During the week that immediately precedes each exam, students attend between 3 and 6 hours of test review. These are extremely important as exams constitute a high percentage of each student’s overall grade. A scheduling note: exam reviews for MATH-M119 students may occur on Fridays and Sundays. Most notably, the 4th and 12th weekends of the semester, students in M119 should be in town and prepared to attend exam reviews.
  • Each week on Wednesday, the students complete a grade submission consisting of two screenshots; one shows WebWork grades, the other shows test and quiz grades. This allows us to monitor progress and identify problems as soon as they arise.

The program costs are as follows: upon signup, there is a $289 non-refundable registration fee. There are two installment payments of $250 which occur on October 11th, and November 8th. If, for whatever reason, a student wants to withdraw from the program at any time during the semester, no further installment payments will be assessed. The method of payment used for registration will be the card “on file” and will be charged for the installment payments.

To incentivize good study habits and “get students off on the right foot”, we offer Grade-Based Compensation to students if they register before the semester begins, complete the program, but somehow end the course with a B- or lower.  Click here to learn about how grade-based compensation works for students that register before the semester begins.

Students are still able to register for the program after the semester begins, but these students are not eligible for any sort of refund in the unlikely event that they end the semester with a B- or lower. 

Click here to register for the B or Better Program for Fall 2023!


If you have any questions about the program, don’t hesitate to call us. Our phone number is 812-340-6708. Due to high anticipated call volume, you may need to leave a voicemail message. Messages will be returned in the order in which they were received.