The B or Better Program

Two of the largest undergraduate courses at IU are MATH-M 118 and MATH-M 119. Most degree programs require at least one of these courses and some (like the Kelley School of Business) require both. 

Typically, less than half of the students enrolled in these courses finish with a grade of B- or better. 

Because of the challenge presented by these courses, Campus Tutoring Service has a customized plan called the “B or Better Program”. It is very similar to going to a “boot camp” at your local gym. A student makes a commitment to attend certain sessions at CTS, meet with staff, and record their progress. Students that stick with this program usually get a final grade of B- or higher.

There are three parts to the program.

PART #1 – During “instructional weeks”: We provide ongoing help from the beginning of the semester via our signature “Group” tutoring sessions. They operate like a private high school classroom and are very conducive to learning the material in a way that it can be easily applied. Students must attend two of these sessions per instructional week; the first being on Monday or Tuesday and the second being on Wednesday or Thursday. Here are the available times for our “Group” sessions:

Session times for FINITE MATH-M118

Mon-Thurs 11:15am-12:30pm (with Bill), 2:30pm-3:45pm (with Brandon), 4:00pm-5:15pm (with Bill)

Session times for BRIEF SURVEY OF CALCULUS-M119

Mon-Thurs 1:00pm-2:15pm (with Bill), 5:45pm-7pm (with Brandon)

PART #2 – During “exam weeks”: In the days leading up to each in-class exam, the Midterm, and the Final Exam, we provide comprehensive Exam Review Sessions. The purpose of these is two-fold: (1) to make certain all the relevant concepts and formulas are fresh going into the tests, and (2) to demonstrate common “exam-level” questions they will likely have to do. Since typically around 75% of the final course grade is determined by exam scores, it is simply impossible to do poorly on the exams and still do well in the course.

PART#3 – Progress Tracking and in-class accountability: Each Wednesday, students will complete a “grade submission request” such that we can track their progress. Students that are NOT performing at the requisite level on exams and homework will meet with Bill (the CTS owner) to discuss the errors being made and determine what problems occurred. Additionally, we monitor in class participation and attentiveness. Many parents would be surprised to know how much time their children spend on their phones during class. We do NOT tolerate that, and have no issue enforcing this policy for those who are “mailing it in”, not really attempting to learn. Students who refuse to put their phones away (as opposed to on their lap or behind their bookbag) will be expelled from the program.

The unique part of The B or Better Program is the refund policy. 

Students who successfully complete the program are entitled to grade based compensation if their grade at the end of the semester is lower than a B-. Students who enroll after the first Friday of the semester are not eligible for any grade based compensation should their final course grade be lower than a B-. 

Grade of C+ = 20% refund

Grade of C = 35% refund 

Grade of C- = 50% refund

Grade of D+ = 75% refund

Grade of D or lower = 90% refund

The full terms and conditions of the program are given on the next page as well as the bottom of this page.

There are two ways to pay for the program. Option number 1 is prepay for everything, which gets you an additional 10% off the cost of the required tutoring sessions. The fee for this option is $749; $99 of this is a non-refundable registration fee and $650 is prepayment for the required tutoring sessions. Students who want to “pay-as-you-go” for the sessions have a one-time $99 non-refundable registration fee to get signed up, then pay as they sign up for and attend the sessions throughout the semester. 

Students must  enroll in the program no later than the first Friday of the academic semester to be eligible for grade based compensation. 

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